Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simple Tips for Healthy Hair for All Lengths

We all search for those hair tips that will answer all of our frizz and breakage problems. I have my set of tips, and I'm sure you do to. Post your tips on your blog or youtube and link it down below. I want to read them all!

1.Don't wash your hair everyday. Now, this is simple. Lots of people are like "EW, that's dirty!" Actually it's really not. Washing your hair everyday makes the natural oil sparse, and makes your hair more oil prone after one day of not washing. If you can train your hair to know when it need oils, such as every two days, your hair will not have that dirty, worn down, greasy look. Add a little pump of dry shampoo to roots for volume if you need it!

2. Wrap don't tie. If shower before you go to bed, do not throw your hair up in a ponytail or regular bun, wrap it! By wrapping your hair in  a single coil and twisting it at the top of your head, you get a clean bun with no tangles. Clip the bun down with 2 or 3 small clips for it to stay. When you take the bun out in the morning it should come down easy and tangle free! Using hair ties can sometimes break your hair when its wet.

3.Silk pillows. Typical pillows and pillow cases are known for tangling and breaking your hair through the night. Do you wake up with a little nest of knot at the back of your head? You probably don't have a pillow case good for your hair. Silky pillows and pillow cases decrease the tangling as you sleep. It is much more healthy to not have to brush out a huge knot and break your hair in the morning.

4.Cut down on the heat. If you know you are the type of person that "has" to straighten, or even curl their hair everyday make an effort to cut down. Embrace your natural waves, or curls, or even straight hair. There are plenty of light products that can cut down the frizz or amp up the volume! It's all about trial and error. Instead of putting heat on your hair everyday, try 3 times a week. (:

5.Just treat your body right! Your hair, nails, and complection reflects how you treat your body. Drink lots of water to keep your hair hydrated, and take in the healthy amount of oils,fats,protein, and veggies. All of this is needed for strong and healthy hair! Now I'm not saying go on a crazy diet, just eat right. Everything in moderation, you can have chips or soda sometimes just don't make it your main source of food. (: