Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simple Tips for Healthy Hair for All Lengths

We all search for those hair tips that will answer all of our frizz and breakage problems. I have my set of tips, and I'm sure you do to. Post your tips on your blog or youtube and link it down below. I want to read them all!

1.Don't wash your hair everyday. Now, this is simple. Lots of people are like "EW, that's dirty!" Actually it's really not. Washing your hair everyday makes the natural oil sparse, and makes your hair more oil prone after one day of not washing. If you can train your hair to know when it need oils, such as every two days, your hair will not have that dirty, worn down, greasy look. Add a little pump of dry shampoo to roots for volume if you need it!

2. Wrap don't tie. If shower before you go to bed, do not throw your hair up in a ponytail or regular bun, wrap it! By wrapping your hair in  a single coil and twisting it at the top of your head, you get a clean bun with no tangles. Clip the bun down with 2 or 3 small clips for it to stay. When you take the bun out in the morning it should come down easy and tangle free! Using hair ties can sometimes break your hair when its wet.

3.Silk pillows. Typical pillows and pillow cases are known for tangling and breaking your hair through the night. Do you wake up with a little nest of knot at the back of your head? You probably don't have a pillow case good for your hair. Silky pillows and pillow cases decrease the tangling as you sleep. It is much more healthy to not have to brush out a huge knot and break your hair in the morning.

4.Cut down on the heat. If you know you are the type of person that "has" to straighten, or even curl their hair everyday make an effort to cut down. Embrace your natural waves, or curls, or even straight hair. There are plenty of light products that can cut down the frizz or amp up the volume! It's all about trial and error. Instead of putting heat on your hair everyday, try 3 times a week. (:

5.Just treat your body right! Your hair, nails, and complection reflects how you treat your body. Drink lots of water to keep your hair hydrated, and take in the healthy amount of oils,fats,protein, and veggies. All of this is needed for strong and healthy hair! Now I'm not saying go on a crazy diet, just eat right. Everything in moderation, you can have chips or soda sometimes just don't make it your main source of food. (:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Staple Summer Nail Polishes

  Summer is all about color and expressing yourself through clothing and jewelry, and nail polish too! These are so of my staple pieces for summer nail polish colors. I own all four of these nail polishes and use them so often, I may need new ones! You can't go wrong with these colors, I think.
  The first Essie nail polish on the top is "She's Picture Perfect". The color is so beautiful in the sun. It has a slight pink metallic shimmer to it that just shines. I wear this very very often, and I usually do one sparkly nail to tie it all together. So cute!
  The OPI nail polish on the bottom is "Bubblebath". This is an extremely creamy, light pink. I use this color mostly on my toes in the summer, it is so adorable. It looks so nice next to freshly tanned skin. It goes with absolutely anything you wear because it's such a neutral color. I love it. 
   The Forever 21 Love and Beauty nail polish is "Shimmering Mint". Mint is such a pretty color this season! It comes in all variations like pastel and neon. This particular mint is very metallic and shiny. It looks beautiful on manicured nails! I love the shine to it and love the way it looks in general. Super duper affordable too.
    The fourth polish is a Coral Essie color. Now I don't know the name of it because I recently ran out and forgot.. But I'm sure you can find it easy. This color is so vibrant and bright for the summer time. It looks great on any skin color too! I love how it can add that pop of wow to your outfit. When I'm swimming I can see them underwater, that's how bright it is! I love it so much.

"She's Picture Perfect"($8)
"Shimmering Mint"($2.80)
Essie Coral($8)

What's your favorite nail polish for the summer time? Leave your comment down below! (:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eos Lip Balm Review: Bitter Sweet

   The little egg shape Eos (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm is very popular and known for it's cute little shape. I own quite a few, and use them fairly often as well. In my opinion these little guys have some cons.. 

  • Great packaging, eye catching and colorful
  • Small and great for on the go.
  • The flavors are fantastic and not too over powering, or cheap.
  • They get the "chapstick" job done.

  • If you drop it, it's out. Bye bye Mr.Eos! Rolling away!
  • Waxy for the first couple days of use.
  • Needs to be reapplied very often.

  If you need a more mostuirizing lip balm, this is not the right one for you. Although I do still love these little guys, and I will continue to use them! I am eager to try out their new stick lip balms, perhaps the are more creamy and moisturizing. I must say these guys are delicious though! I don't think anyone beats them at that. My favorites are Honeysuckle honeydew, and Summer fruit. (:
Do you use Eos lip balms? Do they work well for you compared to other products? 

Light blue:Sweet mint.
Light green:Honeysuckle honeydew.
Yellow:Lemon drop.
Bright pink: Summer fruit.
Light pink: Strawberry sorbet.
Orange:Medicated tangerine.
*prices range from 3-6 dollars.

Pretty Little Liars! Get Hanna's look.

   My absolute favorite show and book is Pretty Little Liars, I've been reading the books since I was in 6th grade, 6 years ago. Since it is Tuesday, I figured why not do a Pretty Little Liars based look. I chose Hanna because she is my absolute favorite character out of all four girls. She's very confident and she's been through a lot, I feel like I can relate to her very well. In the last episode she goes to a church party, and this is the outfit she wears. A cute pale yellow crochet and lace dress, with a thick pastel belt. You can layer skinny pastel belts, or if you're lucky enough you may be able to find the perfect thick belt for this dress. Her lips are a bright matte pink, and her nails are a very bright and gorgeous green. Almost as bright as Kelly Green. You can switch up this outfit in many ways and still have it work. It's so cute and modest, I love it! Are you a fan of Pretty Little Liars? Who's your favorite character? (:

Products and prices shown:
Guipure Combination Dress by Zara(on sale for $60)
Nars Pink Lemonade($25)
Essie Mojito Madness($8)
Pastel Pop Belt Pack($20)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nail of the Week!

   This weeks nails is a pastel pink that looks great with almost anything. I wasn't really in the mood for a bright or bold nail because I haven't been feeling very well, so this was perfect. OPI's "Second Honeymoon" is a light pink in matte. There is absolutely no shimmer in this nail polish. It is very creamy and opaque for such a light nailpolish, 2-3 coats and it is not streaky or sheer at all, it's a very good coverage. This is not a retired polish, and you can most likely find it in some sort of beauty salon or some beauty stores for $8.
    What color are you nails this week!? Do you go bold, add a pattern, or are you staying on the safe side for a bit? Leave them in the comments below. (: 

Do it Yourself and Brighten the Room for Less than $15!

         Do you feel like you want to brighten up your room, but your on a tight budget? I know I do. So today I went to my local Dollar store and picked up some artificial flowers,vases, and accent rocks. Using fake flowers is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to change the room a little. If you love the look of flowers, but not the work that comes with them, artificial is the way to go. Now I know some people hate them and think they look cheap and what not, but if you're up for a change in scenery this is a perfect D.I.Y project.
      I purchased 3 sets of off white daisy flowers, and 3 sets of peach and white roses. I feel like these flowers are very much for the summer and give off a very soft and comfortable vibe in the room. I purchased two identical plain ribbed vases, and two bags of white crystal accent stones. The little stones were so unique and reminded me of the stones on the beach. All together I spent 10 dollars! You can also purchase flowers from Target, Walmart, or craft stores but they may be 3-5 dollars more expensive for each set. 
      Would you give fake flowers a try in your home? What are your favorite summer flowers? Want to see more simple and inexpensive D.I.Y projects? Comment below! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Style Animal Prints!

   One trend that's been going on for a while is animal prints, and you see them almost everywhere you go. In jewelry, shoes, clothing, even home decor. There's nothing I love more than a cute pair of leopard flats, or a set of animal print bangles. I have put together three ways to dress up and dress down a piece of animal print clothing. 
    On the far left, I have put together a night out look. A jet black 3/4 sleeve, form fitting dress goes perfect with the simple leopard flats. To give it a more dressed up look I added a set of gold and black bangles with one chunky leopard bangle. This is perfect for a night out with the girls, or if you're still in school, a homecoming dance. 
    In the middle, I have put together a summer day look. I used a no sleeved, two pocket, cream button up top and paired it with a comfy leopard short. Simple brown or gold sandals will make this perfect for a walk in the mall or on the beach. 
    On the right, I cooperated jeans and a more laid back look. A short sleeved, abstract zebra print top on some darker washed jeans gives off a put together school look. A pair of light blue toms is comfy and a perfect pop of color to this outfit. Throw over a blue cardigan for a more chilly day.
Do you like animal print? What's your favorite kind, and how do you wear it?

Products shown& prices:
Religion dress 3/4 Sleeve($29)
Leopard Bangle Set Wetseal($11)
Cheetah Ballet Flats Target($15)
Joie Balsa Top($128)
Leopard Shorts by Oh My Love Topshop($50)
Steve Madden Suttle Sandal($60)
Black and White Zebra Print Tank Top($25) sheinside.com
J BRAND Low rise jean ($210) farfetch.com
Toms Blue Canvas Classic ($44)

**Some of the more expensive products can be easily duped. Comment below if you'd like me to find some bargains! (:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mega Plush VS. Colossal Volume

   One of my favorite brand of mascara's has always been Mabeline. I purchased the Colossal Volume mascara and it was my favorite for the past winter and spring. Now, just recently I purchased the Mega Plush Volume mascara and I believe it has stole my heart. Both of these mascaras are fantastic but give a little bit of a different look. They have different formulations which would make sense for the different product pay off. (See chart below.)

The Colossal Volume brush on the left, Mega Plush on the right.
The Colossal Volume brush has many thick, small bristles that allow amzing volume payoff. The Mega Plush brush is a larger, more flimsy brush that allows long, flexible, full lashes. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hmm, This.. or That?

Blush or bronzer: Blush
Lip gloss or lipstick: Lipgloss definetly 
Eye liner or mascara: Mascara
foundation or concealer: Concealer
Neutral or color eye shadow: That's tough, but I'd say color.
Pressed or loose eye shadows: Pressed
Brushes or sponges: Brushes indeed

OPI or china glaze:OPI
Long or short: Longer than short but not crazy long. 
Acrylic or natural: Natural
Brights or darks: I'd say brights
Flower or no flower:No flower

Perfume or body splash: That's hard! Perfume. 
Lotion or body butter: Lotion 
Body wash or soap: I love Philosophy body wash.. So body wash.
Lush or other bath company: Lush!
Jeans or sweat pants: Jeans
Long sleeve of short: That's crazy to have an answer for.. Short I guess.
Dresses or skirts: Dresses
Stripes or plaid: Stripes
Flip flops or sandals: Sandals!
Scarves or hats: Scarves times a billion.
Studs or dangly earrings: Studs
Necklaces or bracelets: Bracelets.
Heels or flats: SO hard..Heels.
Cowboy boots or riding boots: Cowboy boots. 
Jacket or hoodie: Hoodie. 
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: Forever 21 yes yes yes!
Abercombie or Hollister: Hollister
Saks 5th or Nordstrom: Nordstrom

Curly or straight straight: Curls!
Bun or ponytail ponytail: Buns are adorable. (:
Bobby pins or butterfly clips: Hahahah, butterfly clips, very cute. Bobby pins!
Hair spray or gel: Hair spray
Long or short: Looong
Light or dark: Dark
Side sweep bangs or full bangs: Side sweep.
Up or down: Down

Rain or shine: Shine (:
Summer or winter: Summer
Fall or spring: Fall!
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
East coast or west coast: East Coast 

Now, I tag YOU! Go do this tag too. I'd love to read your results. ♥

Healthy and Tasty: Smartfood Selects

..What? Did I say healthy AND tasty? Yupp, that's right. This has been my ultimate favorite go to snack this week. I purchased this at my local grocery store in the organic section. At first I was like "Ehh, I don't know about this." But when I tried it, oh my goodness. It is so good! You really get the flavor too, it's not bland at all. One big bag is 4 servings(64 puffs each), I was surprised. This whole bag has lasted me at least 6 servings! I don't feel guilty at all after eating it. It's all natural ingredients and 160 calories per serving if it gets divided into four. This is perfect for when you want a salty treat but don't necessarily want the after math of grabbing the chip bag. Thought I'd share! ♥

Forever 21 Jewelry Haul!

    Hey guys! I recently went to Forever 21 and picked up some jewelry. I got two super cute necklaces, and two pairs of earrings as well as a set of studs. I am in love with these and can't wait to wear them! In the left hand corner is my Feather Charm Necklace. It has one real feather, and one gold feather with little diamond accents down the center with a way cute transparent stone with gold veins. The necklace on the right hand side is my Elephant Charm Necklace. I am seriously in love with this one. It is so light and it has four tiny beads dangling from the chain. The earrings were so exciting, I love earrings. The first pair on the left are Rhinestone Filigree earrings in cream and gold. They are so light on my ears and they are the perfect accent to dress up any outfit. The pair on the far right are Iridescent Rhinestone Studs in peach and mint. I cannot get over how beautiful the color of these are! They are so sparkly and nice to wear in the summer. The set in the middle is the Faceted Stud set in purple and teal. These are the perfect laid back earrings that you can wear just for a pop of color. I will be wearing these A LOT. Prices listed down below.♥

Faceted Stud Set- $4.80
Iridescent Rhinestone Studs-$3.80
Rhinestone Filigree Earrings-$4.80
Elephant Charm Necklace- $4.80
Feather Charm Necklace- $6.80

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Super Trends: Colorful Pants

   Now there are absolutely so many great trends going around this year and season. One I am loving to bits is colored pants. Now you can go really wrong with this..I'm sure you won't, but it's extremely possible. Certain washes make colors look less vibrant and some wash out. Now when I say vibrant, I mean VIBRANT. The color doesn't have to be particularly a highlighter yellow to be vibrant. Look for mints, corals, and peaches this summer time. Bright pinks, teals, and purples look especially great on tanned skin and with the perfect pair of sandals. If you love color, take advantage of this! It is a great way to express yourself. (:

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm Review: SO Sweet

I am really loving this product right now. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom is the perfect soft lip color and balm for the summer time. It is very moisturizing and leaves just a sheer pink color on your lips.(See swatch above.) It has a typical Burt's Bees scent with a hint of bubble gum sweetness. 100% natural and perfect for on the go! It comes in a nice little container that I continue to use. It keeps everything clean just as the day you purchased it. You can find this at many drug and department stores, and even on the Burt's Bees website. It is $7.00 and worth it, trust me. I am not one to splurge on chap sticks. Air five to you all. ♥

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Casual Summer Denim Idea

This is just one example of how to wear denim during the summer, and still feel comfy and cute! Some of these items are on the pricier side, but if you'd like I can do some duping for you. Many of these have plenty of more affordable look alikes out there, you just have gotta' search. Click to see list of items.
The pieces shown:
Eos Summer Fruit Lip Balm($3.00-6.00)
Tory Burch Hobo($495)
Beyond Rings "Dainty" Antique Gold "Forget Me Knot"($40)
River Island Cream Aztec Print Tie Front Crop Tank($11)
Hollister Victoria Beach Shorts($50)
Alex and Ani Gypsy 66 Wrap - Russian Gold($58)
Essie Resort 2012 Nail Polish Collection($8)

Nail of the Week

I know, I know. It's kind of far into the week to update a NTW. But hey, I was having serious compulsive problems with my nail color prior this week so I decided to switch it up. Better late then never right? This nail is only on the tip, because I didn't think the coral color looked very nice on my full nail. I used the gold color by Wet n Wild only on both tips of my thumb nails. I used the coral color on the tips of all other nails. The coral was only $2.80 at my local Forever 21 and online! It has moderate coverage, 2-3 coats for full nails. The gold was a gift for Christmas, but it is in the Fast Dry collection by Wet n Wild. Any gold and shimmery polishes would look perfect for this look! It's very girly and summery, pardon the discoloration and orangness (new word, write that down) in my nails. EW! Have to stay real, so I posted the picture anyways. I encourage you to try to get this look done at a local nail salon or if you like, do it yourself! Air five to you all. ♥
My nails are somewhat discolored and need to breathe very
soon. Sometimes too much polish isn't good. Who would
have guessed!? ):
The Gold and the Beautiful and Coral
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