Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Currents: Fall Wish List

As fall's rolling in, I notice and want different things. Right now I'm into tons of different styles and trends but I have narrowed it down to 7 different items:
Infinity Scarves: I love scarfs for the fall and winter. They keep me warm for when I need to be warm, and I can easily take them off and put them away. Infinity scarves are circular scarves that "last forever" hence the word infinity. I really want a cream or oatmeal colored one, as well as a sparkly charcoal colored one.
UGG Boots: Who can go wrong with Uggs! I have quite a few pair right now, but I have yet to add a pair of tall chocolate ones. A sweater, leggings, and ugg boots is the most cozy and comfortable outfit for the fall! I love, love, love, love, love it!
Gold Claddagh Ring: Irish claddagh rings are very popular around where I'm from. I have a silver one right now, but I really want a gold one to go with my other gold jewelry. The claddagh can represent promise, your heritage, your love life, and some people even get them for wedding bands. You do not have to be Irish to wear one, but I just happen to be. (:
NYX Beige Lip Gloss: I have heard so many beauty "guru's" and other people rave about this product. It's called beige, but it's far from the color. It is the perfect pink color that can just brighten up a subtle look. I really want to purchase this and add to my collection.
Wildfox Jumper: Sweater,sweatshirt,whatever. These are the highlight of autumn. I have seen so many people with these jumpers and they are so soft and cozy! They are rather expensive, but I might want to splurge for the quality.
OPI Glitzerland: Gold is a beautiful color for this season. OPI Glitzerland is a very light gold nailpolish. This color would look great on it's own, or as a topcoat. I have been wanting to get this for a while but I just haven't been able to.
PacSun Nollie Perfume: This perfume really has nothing to do with the fall, it's just one of my favorites. It's a very nostalgic scent for me. It brings me back to my middle school and early highschool years. It has a very peppy and fruity smell to it, I love it.

What do you have your eye on for this season? Leave your input down below. ♥

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cold Weather and Chapped Lips: Baby Lips

In the hot weather, the sun burns your lips. In the cold weather, the wind and dry air chaps your lips. You can never win! I always need a really good chap stick at hand to keep my lips protected and moisturized. Right now Baby Lips does the job and more!
Maybelline Baby Lips is great in more then one area. Its soft and moisturizing, leaving your lips feeling very fresh without being sticky or waxy. Some are clear, and some add a little tint of color. So far I've tried the four baby lips above: Quenched, Pink Punch, Peppermint, and Peach Kiss. The names are pretty explanatory, and very true to flavor. I recommend these to anyone who is into flavored chap sticks. They provide every thing you need: Moisture, flavor, and a tint of color. ($2.99 at most department and drug stores)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Favorites: Flats

When transitioning into fall, you start to slowly put away the sandals and take out the flats. So far, I've been really loving two pairs of Forever 21 flats. They go with almost everything and they're perfect for school! Both were under 20 dollars too!
 My first pair on the top, is a silver metallic and sparkly pair of flats. I love to wear this with leggings, or skinny jeans with the bottom of the leg rolled up. These particular shoes and sparkle and shine to any outfit feeling dull. Pair a solid shirt, cute jewelry, these flats and you're ready to go! Oh, and don't forget pants! These flats go with anything! My second pair of flats on the bottom, are a faux suede flat, in a nude taupe. Nude flats are totally in for the fall, they can tie together and outfit. I particularly like these with navy and burgundy sweaters! It gives the outfit such a cozy feel..
What flats are you wearing this season! Comment down below. (:

Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm back! ..And so is the school year.

The last time I posted on here, was about an entire month ago. Summer has been so hectic, between my senior project and just trying to get life together. I came down with a horrible cold in the SUMMER. I was so upset that it was possible to actually get sick in such nice weather, and to be honest, I haven't been that sick in a while. Anyways, no more excuses. I shall get back to posting on here! Keep an eye open for back-to-school posts. I start in two days, great...