Monday, October 29, 2012

The Perfect Scarf: Pashmina

Scarves are so important to me this time of year going into cold weather. Sometimes it's hard to find those plushy, thick scarves without getting a little uncomfortable. Chunky knit and wool scarves are always nice to have, but I love to have lighter ones on hand too. My scarf collection is now at about 20 scarves, 12 of them being Pashmina. The quality of Pashmina scarves is so great. They are soft and fill your whole chest when you wrap them around your neck. I have solid colors in Coral, Hot Pink, and Black like the ones above, and I have many patterned and paisley ones as well. The paisley pashmina scarves are in high demand, and they come in a beautiful array and mixture of colors. My favorite would be my Gold and Light blue one, or my Lavender and grey toned one. They fit under jackets and look great just laying over a solid long sleeved sweater. You can purchase Pashmina's at local boutiques and outlets or online. They are usually around 20 dollars per shawl, but sometimes you can find a really nice discounted one at around 12-15 dollars. Do you like scarves? Comment down below if you would like to see a scarf collection post! 
Lavender and Gray Paisley

Blue and Gold Paisley (Authentic Tag)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nail Polish Duo of the Week!

I'd say my choices for toe and fingernail polish for this week are pretty fall inspired, by accident! I was looking for the perfect soft gold color, and I stumbled upon this Maybelline Color Show nail polish at my local CVS. I was like oh my gosh this is exactly what I am looking for, seriously so souped. It's a golden metallic color, with silver flecks  Because of these silver flecks the polish is a lot softer and less yellow then some gold nail polishes. I was very pleased with the quality as well, only one coat is fine but I usually do two anyways. On my toes I picked one of my deepest red colors by OPI. Its a beautiful matte color and it reminds me a lot of cranberries. I would have taken a picture of the polish on but I hate feet and I felt it just wasn't necessary to scar all of you, hahahah! I will list the names, prices and deals down below! 

Bold Gold $2.99 at all drugstores, and Target. 
Manicurist of Seville $7.99 online and at most salons. I got mine in a pack of two with Black Cherry Chutney for $7.00 at my local TJ Maxx.