Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nail Polish Duo of the Week!

I'd say my choices for toe and fingernail polish for this week are pretty fall inspired, by accident! I was looking for the perfect soft gold color, and I stumbled upon this Maybelline Color Show nail polish at my local CVS. I was like oh my gosh this is exactly what I am looking for, seriously so souped. It's a golden metallic color, with silver flecks  Because of these silver flecks the polish is a lot softer and less yellow then some gold nail polishes. I was very pleased with the quality as well, only one coat is fine but I usually do two anyways. On my toes I picked one of my deepest red colors by OPI. Its a beautiful matte color and it reminds me a lot of cranberries. I would have taken a picture of the polish on but I hate feet and I felt it just wasn't necessary to scar all of you, hahahah! I will list the names, prices and deals down below! 

Bold Gold $2.99 at all drugstores, and Target. 
Manicurist of Seville $7.99 online and at most salons. I got mine in a pack of two with Black Cherry Chutney for $7.00 at my local TJ Maxx.

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