Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cold Weather and Chapped Lips: Baby Lips

In the hot weather, the sun burns your lips. In the cold weather, the wind and dry air chaps your lips. You can never win! I always need a really good chap stick at hand to keep my lips protected and moisturized. Right now Baby Lips does the job and more!
Maybelline Baby Lips is great in more then one area. Its soft and moisturizing, leaving your lips feeling very fresh without being sticky or waxy. Some are clear, and some add a little tint of color. So far I've tried the four baby lips above: Quenched, Pink Punch, Peppermint, and Peach Kiss. The names are pretty explanatory, and very true to flavor. I recommend these to anyone who is into flavored chap sticks. They provide every thing you need: Moisture, flavor, and a tint of color. ($2.99 at most department and drug stores)