Monday, July 23, 2012

Do it Yourself and Brighten the Room for Less than $15!

         Do you feel like you want to brighten up your room, but your on a tight budget? I know I do. So today I went to my local Dollar store and picked up some artificial flowers,vases, and accent rocks. Using fake flowers is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to change the room a little. If you love the look of flowers, but not the work that comes with them, artificial is the way to go. Now I know some people hate them and think they look cheap and what not, but if you're up for a change in scenery this is a perfect D.I.Y project.
      I purchased 3 sets of off white daisy flowers, and 3 sets of peach and white roses. I feel like these flowers are very much for the summer and give off a very soft and comfortable vibe in the room. I purchased two identical plain ribbed vases, and two bags of white crystal accent stones. The little stones were so unique and reminded me of the stones on the beach. All together I spent 10 dollars! You can also purchase flowers from Target, Walmart, or craft stores but they may be 3-5 dollars more expensive for each set. 
      Would you give fake flowers a try in your home? What are your favorite summer flowers? Want to see more simple and inexpensive D.I.Y projects? Comment below! 

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