Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Staple Summer Nail Polishes

  Summer is all about color and expressing yourself through clothing and jewelry, and nail polish too! These are so of my staple pieces for summer nail polish colors. I own all four of these nail polishes and use them so often, I may need new ones! You can't go wrong with these colors, I think.
  The first Essie nail polish on the top is "She's Picture Perfect". The color is so beautiful in the sun. It has a slight pink metallic shimmer to it that just shines. I wear this very very often, and I usually do one sparkly nail to tie it all together. So cute!
  The OPI nail polish on the bottom is "Bubblebath". This is an extremely creamy, light pink. I use this color mostly on my toes in the summer, it is so adorable. It looks so nice next to freshly tanned skin. It goes with absolutely anything you wear because it's such a neutral color. I love it. 
   The Forever 21 Love and Beauty nail polish is "Shimmering Mint". Mint is such a pretty color this season! It comes in all variations like pastel and neon. This particular mint is very metallic and shiny. It looks beautiful on manicured nails! I love the shine to it and love the way it looks in general. Super duper affordable too.
    The fourth polish is a Coral Essie color. Now I don't know the name of it because I recently ran out and forgot.. But I'm sure you can find it easy. This color is so vibrant and bright for the summer time. It looks great on any skin color too! I love how it can add that pop of wow to your outfit. When I'm swimming I can see them underwater, that's how bright it is! I love it so much.

"She's Picture Perfect"($8)
"Shimmering Mint"($2.80)
Essie Coral($8)

What's your favorite nail polish for the summer time? Leave your comment down below! (:


  1. Was the coral called Tart Deco? I think thats it :)

  2. I love essie.