Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide + Save

Are you struggling on what to get for your loved ones this holiday season? I know I am. It's always going to be about getting something worth the money you're going to spend, and it's important to know that the person will actually put good use to it. I have set up a list of products under $30 that are a great idea for the people in your life. 

Heated Blanket: This heated blanket is good for anyone who's always cold, or just likes to lounge around in their spare time. For $30 at Target you can get this tan and cheetah printed plush heated blanket. I thought of the people in my life that always need socks and a hoodie on. It won't be a waste if you know who you're giving it to. 
EOS Chapstick Set: For only ten dollars you can get a set of 4 eos lip balms in a set. You get three Eos "eggs", and one chapstick. This is the perfect gift for anyone who is always losing their chapsticks,or just cant get enough. I would love this as a gift myself so I thought I must throw it in.
Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles: Every girl I know loves BBW 3 wick candles, especially during their 2 for 20 deal. If you have two people you want to buy for, there you go. 2 great quality and delicious candles for just about $20. Peppermint Mocha and Vanilla Bean Noel are two of the best holiday scents, and great for gifts.
Alex and Ani Bracelets: If you're willing to spend a bit on something small, Alex and Ani is the perfect choice for anybody with a love for jewelry. Starting at $18 you can get one bracelet for anybody of any age. Above I have a $25 bracelet with a single key charm, so sweet. 
Philosophy Bath Set: If your loved one loves to relax and treat them self to high quality bath products, this is the best choice. For $22 you can get this set of one bubblebath/soap, a lotion, and a lipgloss. I would be thrilled to get this as a gift. I believe any one that's into bath time would enjoy this immensely. 
Good Movies and DVD's: Everybody and their grandmother has a favorite movie, whether old or new. For example I put The Lucky One for $20 on the list. I love this movie, seeing it only once in theater  It is great to get someone their favorite movie or even a movie with sentiment or meaning behind it. 
Victoria Secret Beauty Body Products: Victoria Secret offers a great variety of body sprays, body washes, and lotions. Right now for $30 you can mix and match 5 of these different body products. You can even buy 6 for $36 and that could be 3 different gifts! 3 sets of scents! You could also even just give them all to one person. 

Comment down below on your gift ideas for the holiday season. Would you like to see a Guys Guide to Gifts? 


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