Sunday, November 11, 2012

They Qualify! NYX Glosses.

  Too sticky! It tastes disgusting! Too many sparkles! It makes my lips feel like sand paper! Lip gloss is a staple for most girls, whether it's clear, sparkly, or pigmented. The problem is that it's hard to find a nice all around gloss. Some are too sticky, and some taste like plastic.
NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses are quality, and worth it. They come in a range of different shades, some deep and rich others light and girly. If you don't like a lot of color, they come in sheer sparkly pinks and even clear. NYX glosses have a very faint cherry taste, that isn't obnoxious. They last a good while on the lip but are not hard to reapply without a mirror. They have a perfect consistency that doesn't like strands of sticky lip gloss between your lips when you talk. Thank goodness! How gross. My two staple NYX glosses are Gold Pink and Beige. Beige is the perfect shade of pink for any lip, it's so natural and not beige at all. Not sure where they got that name! Gold Pink is a more sheer shade of pink, with little gold sparkles. Not too over bearing. For $5.50 a tube on nyxcosmetics.com you can choose from 50 different shades of mega shine lip glosses. For even less, you can check out your local Ulta store(ulta.com) and even Amazon! See swatches of Gold Pink and Beige below.

Beige Mega Shine Lipgloss

Gold Pink Mega Shine Lipgloss


  1. really like thi post thanks for checking out my blog maybe we can follow each other???

  2. You were right about most of the lip glosses around that is why I am so disappointed whenever I have bought a lip gloss that is sticky and uncomfortable to wear everyday. I think I am going to try this one out and see if this is the one for me...

  3. I'm glad I could help! They're nice and affordable too, so that's a plus.