Friday, October 4, 2013

September Nails

Every week I change my nails up, which usually adds up to having 4 different colors a month. I wanted to share with you the four I chose this month of September and the kind of theme I seemed to have.
Click to expand, see swatches and descriptions.

First Week: Essie's Imported Bubbly
The first week of September was also my first week as a freshman in college. I wanted something soft,neutral, and simple. Imported Bubbly was perfect. It is a light champagne color, with a little bit of shine. On my olive skin it looked very creamy, and on my best friend's darker skin it looked lighter and more gold.
Depending on your color it will differ. Very beautiful color either way. Buildable, either 1-3 coats.
Second Week:Essie's Pilates Hottie
At this point in the month I was focused on trying to stuff as much information in my brain as fast as possible. I wanted something pale and matte, very simple. Pilates Hottie is a light dusty purple, and goes with anything. It looks so sweet on the toes in the summer time too. Take's only 2 coats.
Third Week: OPI's A Definate Moust-Have
At this point I knew I wanted a pop of color. Red nails is such a statement and so classic, so I decided to go through my red polishes. A Definite Moust-Have is a bright red, with a hint of bright deep pink. It was so shiny and gorgeous with a topcoat, I had tons of comments and compliments on it. A lot of people even thought it was gel! Takes one coat, that's it.
Fourth Week: OPI Nicole's The Next CEO
I was going through my polishes and realized I didn't have any basic and warm gold's.. I brought myself to CVS and took a gander and I found that Nicole by OPI was the only brand that had what I was looking for. With 2-3 coats The Next CEO gives the most beautiful cozy, light gold color on the nails. It felt extremely fall to me, I just fell in love. I actually still have it on my nails now! I'm taking it off tonight.

Comment down below what your nail colors have been this past month! 
***Next month I will be including pictures of the colors on.***

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