Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Rocket: Does it Deserve the Rave..

      Some products are mentioned like gold in the beauty world. Recently, Maybelline's the Rocket has been raved about by friends, family, and beauty gurus and bloggers all over the internet. I decided to take it upon myself to check it out. I loved Maybelline's Falsies and Volume Express, so I figured I'd probably get a good use of the Rocket whether it was that great or not. Keep reading! ♥
     The Rocket is in a bright cobalt blue package, and is shaped kind of like a rocket, how ironic. The packaging is less rounded than some of the other mascaras by Maybelline and has more of a precise and sharp tip. The applicator is short and chunky, with very small rubber bristles. Some of the other mascaras have more full and shapely bristles so I thought this was very different. Application is smooth, not too sticky, and after only two coats I am very pleased. I'd have to say I'm jumping on this bandwagon! It gives you length and volume and I was asked 4 times in one day if I had fake eyelashes on, crazy. They didn't believe me when I said no either.. I do believe this product is very much worth the rave and if you're a mascara girl I'd advise you to go and grab one if you haven't already!

      Did you have a different experience of this product than I did? Or do you love it too? Comment down below! ♥

Added notes: I used Brownish Black Waterproof in the photos. Find for 6-8 dollars at your local Target, Walmart, beauty shop, or drug store! 

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  1. WOW! the before and after picture really looks like you have falsies on. I am very interested to try this one out. thanks for sharing this.

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